Fences and Gates

"It's easier to build a fence than a gate...."

The first time I heard this, I don't think it was meant to be particularly profound but more of a statement about "the bottom line".  

You simply need more materials, more patience, more care and money, more math, more time, and an agreement that the gate opens and closes on both sides.

We are in the middle of writing programs for days and times for the boxing club.  There will be something for everyone.  

There will also be needs to fill, that I hope many of you will feel called to fill.  We will need mentors: spiritual, academic and athletic.  We will need people willing to build relationships with people that they may not normally see in their daily life.  

There are very few prerequisites to being a person of importance to the club:

Love for God and neighbor characterized by justice, mercy and humility.  

Yes, It is easier to build a fence than a gate.

Let's build a gate.

J. M.