Itsy Bitsy Spider

In the past, our children's stories were preparation for life.  If you go back and read some of these - or recite them from memory - you may be surprised. 

Nearly all of our stories of inspiration and encouragement can be summed up by “Itsy Bitsy Spider”.

However, some of the expectations for children and parents in today’s world are to skip life’s “down came the rain” parts and allow only “out comes the sun” parts.

The concern we have for our kids is not that they won’t know enough math or understand literary elements or remember the periodic table or fail to tackle correctly.  The concern we have is whether they will have the courage to live with a conscience and answer a call that is greater than their own self-interest. 

If they ever expect to be at peace with their own ability and proud of their own effort, the spout-climbing must never cease.

Jefferson Street Boxing Club will be having an informational meeting on May 19th at the Kaufman County Public Library across the street from the junior high.  We will also be answering any questions about programs and allowing people to sign up.  We also welcome anyone that wants to ask about volunteering in the future to help with boxing, tutoring, and spiritual guidance - hope to see you there!

J. M.