Here at Jefferson Street Boxing club we offer Barre Classes 4 times a week. what is barre you might ask. Barre is a combination of pilates, yoga, ballet, and STRENGTH training. It’s a low-impact fitness workout that anyone can do. The exercises develop long, lean muscles, increase flexibility and improve balance. Barre is a great way to work those muscles you may not typically focus on. Barre is all about small isometric movements. The idea is to fatigue the muscles quickly thru pulsing and holds. You will likely shake like crazy, but the more you shake the faster your muscles will fatigue. Shaking is GOOD! Breathe deeply and embrace it! We can’t wait to meet you at the barre!

Class days and times are as follows:

Wednesdays 5am & 7:15pm

Saturdays 7:30am

Sundays 5pm