Jefferson Street started as a dream between Jeremy Melton and Drew Peterson.  When local business woman Wendy Thomas heard about their idea, she bought an old space near downtown Kaufman and immediately began having it renovated.  

This is not about “fighting” but, rather, the metaphor of building fighters for life.  Our current cultural climate teaches kids that the instinct to fight is always wrong.   

Our club is an antidote to the current cultural climate.  

Besides providing a safe alternative to running the streets, we will also strive to put “Books before Hooks” through academic tutoring, and include every church’s youth program in our community.  We will be encouraging the youth of the gym to find spiritual homes.  Kids will be reminded that their greatest fight in life will be a spiritual one, not a physical one. 

In addition, the club serves as a place for physical therapy and as a place of activity for people overcoming physical, mental, or spiritual trauma.