Youth Boxing – Ages 9-17

Kids begin learning the foundation of boxing: stance, throwing punches properly, how to defend, footwork, and conditioning.  Beginners will work through techniques on a variety of bags and work up to mitt work.  Ring work will be reserved for advanced boxing and sparring.  Sparring will only be mandatory for members wanting to participate in an upcoming tournament.


Box Fit for Women - All Ages

Box Fit sessions are a month long and have different times throughout the day depending on the session.  For timely info, visit our Facebook site and respond for the current session.  Box Fit is for women of all ages and fitness levels.


Fitness Class

Fitness Class is every Tuesday and Thursday night at 7:00 p.m.  Drop-ins are $5 per class, members are free.  Fitness Class is a fun mixture of cardio and boxing.


Sponsorships – Youth, Seniors, Veterans

Program costs for JSBC are $40 per month.  Membership fees are paid monthly for 12 months.  There are sponsorship opportunities available for youth, seniors, and veterans.  We are actively seeking sponsors.  Monthly fees pay for all expenses associated with running such the club.  JSBC is currently seeking non-profit status. Giving to us is not tax deductible yet, but it hopefully will be soon.  Sponsors have $40 automatically withdrawn on the 1st day of the month, each month, for a year.  Sponsored youths are held accountable for their sponsorship through grades, drug and alcohol abstinence, and community service.  In addition, sponsored youths are required to find a spiritual home and attend services.


If you have questions regarding sponsorships, memberships (of any kind), program questions, or volunteer opportunities, you can reach us at

Please allow time for us to answer your inquiry. 

“non progressus sine absque”